Year 9 and 10 Outdoor Education

Year 9 and 10 students interested in Outdoor Education were given the opportunity to spend time with current Outdoor Education students from La Trobe University today as part of the School Partnerships Program.  Students heard about what studying Outdoor Education at university is like and learned about the different career options in the field post-study.  Students then participated in a nature diary activity which involved them drawing and providing information on something from nature, and participated in some team building activities to hone their teamwork and leadership skills, which are highly important in the outdoor education setting.  The students had a great time and enjoyed learning about this subject area.

Alpine School


Trista W, Ciaran G and Montana T have been at the Alpine School since Sunday. Their families said some tearful goodbyes but all students are already having a wonderful time. Montana said that the best part so far has been making new friends. Trista said that they are so busy that they go to bed very tired each night. We’re sure this is because of all the fun they are having!