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A group of six staff travelled to Shepparton today to participate in Table Tennis at the Teachers Games. With authentic East Loddon P-12 Uniform, we all gave our best and had a great day. Mr Wilkinson and I managed to finish in 2nd place, with our teams of Miss Pilkington and Frau MacNamara and Mr Cameron and Mr Aurisch, also doing very well. Look out next year teachers of Victoria. We may very well return!

Teachers Games Win!

CC1 cross country

Congratulations to Miss Byrne who managed to win the female 10,000m race at the teachers games in Shepparton this week. Miss Byrne had her big win on Sunday and should be very proud of her efforts.

Tomorrow we have another group of 6 staff attending the games, with table tennis being the sport of choice. Good luck to all involved!

Congratulations Ella!


Congratulations to Ella in year 9 who has recently been successful in obtaining a student exchange with a student in Germany. Ella was 1 of 65 students who were successfully matched with German partners. Her exchange family live in Berglern in southern Bavaria, and we look forward to hearing more about this exchange in the coming weeks.

Well done, Ella!

Action from the Community House

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I visited the Community House before lunch today and found our VCAL students hard at work. Students were painting a passage way, working on some written plans and fixing iron onto their newly constructed shed. Our VCAL students spend a significant portion of their week at the community house and they have the place looking brilliant.