Advance Students Break World Record.


Every year, in the second week of May, our Yr 10 Advance students have the opportunity to make an attempt on a world record event – “Hose Bowl & Roll Title”.

This year, on their final attempt, three girls broke the existing world record by a massive 2.3 seconds. Jacinta Collins, Hannah Roberston and Alia Melgin-Hill, set a new world record time of 21:15 seconds.

For those doubters out there – It is a real world record. No one else anywhere in the world has ever come close. – (Let’s not quibble over the fact that our school is the only place in the world where this event is conducted!).

Year 8 Tech Students

SAM_0936 SAM_0937 SAM_0938 SAM_0939

In Year 8 Tech, students have started making their sets for their Claymation project. We watched the making of ‘Wallace and Gromit’ where we learnt that for them to create 1 minute of footage, 3 animators work flat out for 3 weeks!! Amazing!! The Year 8s previously created their storyboard, so their set design came to life from their drawings. I look forward to seeing their already fantastic work to continue and seeing their characters start taking shape over the coming weeks! Well done guys! More photos to come later. – Miss Westwood.


Year 8 Food Classes

food 1 Yr 8 food Yr 8 2 food Yr 8 3 food Yr 8 4

Students in Year 8 Technology recently worked on a design brief to create their own version of a fruit based muffin. They devised their own recipes, placed a food order and produced their muffins with some excellent results. Among the versions created were Blueberry, Coconut and Yoghurt, Orange and Poppyseed, Banana and Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Choc Muffins. Students were happy to taste all of the muffins produced and evaluate the taste, aroma, appearance and texture of each version. This evaluation enabled students to suggest changes they might make to improve their recipe.


Year 9/10 Multi Cultural Cooking

fy multi 1 fy multi 2 fy multi 3 fy multi 4 fy multi 5

Multicultural Foods students tried making their own pasta today. We had some excellent results with students making lasagne sheets, fettucine and fine spaghetti noodles. We were limited by the idiosyncrasies of our pasta machines, some of which were quite temperamental. Students are taking home the fresh pasta to cook for their families.