Year 3/4 Integrated Studies

Package it Better 2016

The Grade 3-4 students learned about packaging during Term Two. In groups, they had to design a package which was waterproof, able to be posted, able to protect a fragile gift and environmentally responsible. This involved a lot of experiments (and some taste-testing of our ‘fragile gift’- biscuits!) My favourite part was seeing students apply important new vocabulary such as ‘hypothesis’ and ‘impact.’  Students really enjoyed themselves in this topic.


Year 9 English Class

yr 9  1


Students in the Year 9 English class have been participating in Literature Circles for the last month. Each group has chosen to read a different novel in their small groups. They can also choose from a number of challenging activities to demonstrate their learning.

This photo is of our discussion group lesson this week. These students have formed their own deep questions and are now sharing their impressions and interpretations of the novel. It’s exciting to hear the level of conversation and engagement in each group!


Gather Together

gather together 5 gather together 4 Gather together 1Gether together 3

On May the 31st and June the 1st five students, myself and Hayley Morris (our new Wellbeing Coordinator) went to an amazing presentation of Indigenous culture, called the Ulumbarra Gather Together.  

Our merry crew attended four immersion sessions over the two days. These sessions where; Stories in the Stars, Creating Bendigo Possum Skin Coats and Storytelling, experiencing a smoking ceremony, a performance of Ulumbarra – Gather Together at the Ulumbarra Theatre and a Dja Dja Wurrung Dance Workshop. The immersion sessions not only entertained us but informed and enlightened our students of their indigenous cultural heritage, we look forward to next year.