Year 3/4

Lately, the Grade 3/4 class have been learning about the effects of too much screen time which can lead to game addiction. This week, students made a pledge to monitor their screen time using the 3-2-1 rule. This rule is based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Paediatrics who suggest children over 6 years old limit screen time to around 10 hours per week.


Year 12 Peer Feedback

The Year 12 students have been working hard on improving their writing skills in VCE English. These photos are from a lesson where each group identified the strengths of a writing piece and how it could be improved. They then mixed up the groups so they could share with students who looked at a different writing piece. I heard a lot of really helpful advice being shared and it was great to see students celebrating their successes.


Well done, Year 12!

Year 12 Band

On Friday afternoon a group of Year 12 students began rehearsing for a special music recording project that they will be undertaking in Melbourne next term (more details to come in future newsletters). Our Prep students were very lucky to sit in on a three-minute snapshot of the first rehearsal, featuring two of the Year 12 students who will be participating in this project. The Prep students loved dancing to Nick K playing the drums and Tom B on the electric guitar. Stay tuned for more exciting news from this band.

Miss Harrington