Yr 10 Advance – Lions Den

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A wonderful group of Year 10 Advance students were this week recognised for their efforts in painting the East Loddon Lions Den. The students did a superb job, with the Lions Den looking amazing following the make-over. Thank you to college staff John Clyne and Sarah Pilkington, along with Mrs Jo Guthrie of the East Loddon Lions for making this community project possible.

Year 10 Advance Presentations

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Our wonderful year 10 Advance students presented their class projects to an audience today and the presentations were outstanding. Students formed groups throughout the year, with a focus on a community element. All presentations were wonderful today and the students involved should be very proud of what they have given back to the college community.

Yr 9 Advance



Today our year 9 Advance class were instructing each other in a series of activities that focussed on the Advance values promoted strongly in this class. Later in term 4 the class will lead our P-4 students through a series of fire safety awareness sessions. If today is anything to go by, then the students will do a terrific job!