Big Picture – Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Jarrod from Kia Ora Piggery and Bec from the Serpentine Hotel for speaking to our year 7/8 Big Picture students on Friday. Jarrod and Bec assisted our students with a ‘careers’ unit of work that they are currently working through. It is always fantastic to hear from successful members of our local community! Thankyou Jarrod and Bec.

$20 Boss – Big Picture

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Year 7/8 student’s who participated in the NAB $20- Boss program as part of recent Big Picture classes, had their market day on Monday. I was ill and unable to attend, however I have been told by many that it was an excellent day all round. The students raised an impressive amount of money which will be donated to charity, and the enthusiasm around the college was superb.

Well done year 7/8!

Yr 7/8 Big Picture – Stay Tuned!

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Our Year 7/8 students have been up to some wonderful things of late with 2 of our 3 groups participating in the NAB $20-  Boss program and our 3rd group creating an outdoor couch. I was most happy to assist this fantastic group of students with the first stages of their couch and I really look forward to seeing the finished product shortly. Stay tuned for more details in the next couple of weeks…