E-Smart week – Drone visits the College

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The college was able to secure the services of Colin and Sam Thomas of ‘Landform Surveys’ (along with their drone) today for some additional filming and photographs of the formation of our letter ‘e’ at lunchtime. Colin and Sam were absolutely brilliant with their time and effort, and were more than happy to demonstrate their drone for our enjoyment and interest. Anyone who may wish to enquire about the use of this drone on their land etc, can contact the college for more information.

E-Smart Week

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As part of e-smart week celebrations, the entire college made a huge ‘e’ on the oval at lunchtime, using the yellow and purple colours of the e-smart logo. Each helium filled balloon contained a message explaining where the balloons had been released from, and we are hopeful of hearing from people who discover balloons on their property. With the significant wind today, balloons headed straight towards Dingee.

E-Smart Week in Multimedia

Neil E

Year 8 students have been working with Mr Aurisch at completing tasks centred on their use of multimedia and digital content, and the variety of ways that we integrate communication technologies into our everyday lives. It has been great to see students discussing responsible use of social media and technology. The class have been using resources from the ‘Commonsense Media’ website (www.commonsensemedia.org) and great resources are available for parents and carers.