Maths Pathways Information Evening

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Our Maths Domain put on an information evening for parents tonight to highlight the new Maths Pathways program being implemented from years 6 – 10 next year. Mark from Maths Pathways was also in attendance tonight to explain the program and answer any questions that parents had. Thank you to those parents that were able to attend. We look forward with enthusiasm to the opportunities that this program will offer to our students next year.

Maths Pathways Program

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Students from years 6 – 10 have been trialing the Maths Pathways program this semester with the college looking to implement the program from years 6 – 10 in 2016. Staff involved have been most impressed with the many benefits of this program and will be holding a parent information evening next week. It would be great if as many parents of 2016 year 6 – 10 students as possible, could attend.

Maths Pathways – Year 7

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Year 7 students were hard at work today with their Maths Pathways program. Our Maths Domain have spent considerable time over the past semester researching the benefits of this program and we are very excited to be introducing it into 2016 classrooms from year 6 to 10. The Maths Domain will be holding an information session for this program at the college on November 18th and we urge all parents of a 2016 student between years 6 and 10 to attend.

Year 5 Maths

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Year 5 spent time working through a series of Maths Investigation Cards today as part of numeracy week activities. Students worked very well on a series of activities and I was impressed with their problem solving skills. Well done year 5!

Year 3 Numeracy

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As part of literacy/numeracy week celebrations students were invited to bring in a game from home to share with their classmates. I was a part of this session with the year 3 class yesterday. They interacted beautifully with each other and were able to lead their peers through the playing of each game. A fun session was had by all, including myself.

Year 3 Maths



Our amazing year 3 class were out in the yard collecting data for a graphing exercise today. I followed the class back to their room and was really impressed with their ability to explain their task to me. Here you can see the students eagerly graphing their data. Well done class!