Year 6 Science

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Year 6’s were programming ‘Pro-Bots’ today as part of their classtime and the results were quite amazing. Students were able to program these yellow cars to move around the table through ‘clap’ commands. Great stuff Mr Judd, the students were enthralled with the session!

VCE Biology Excursion Melbourne University

On Tuesday, Mr Phelan and the Year 12 Biology class went to Melbourne for a Genetics Workshop at Melbourne University. We investigated the genetics of the Drosophila fruit fly. We had to anaesthetise the flies and determine males from females and which characteristics successive generations actually had.  We also looked at aspects of recombinant DNA technology and gene splicing, and the copper resistance gene. We used Gel Electrophoresis, a laboratory technique used for studying DNA, to look at the CopR gene.

The East Loddon students were in a group of about 100 students, most from prestigious Melbourne schools. Our group was supported by a PHD graduate student. We used a variety of great equipment including micropipettes and fabulous microscopes and set up lanes of DNA with fluorescent markers in Agarose gel, for the electrophoresis technique. The series of experiments that we preformed was really challenging, but we learnt a lot and had a really good day overall. This information will be used in our unit 4 SAC work coming up. By Chelsea T

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