Year 9 /10 Fashion Illustration Excursion

Our Fashion Illustration class was successfully chosen to attend a Fashion Illustration workshop at the Bendigo Art Gallery with Angie Rehe on Tuesday 31st of October. We started the day with a small presentation looking at some fashion history and learning about how Angie became a fashion illustrator. We were then treated to a viewing of the Edith Head exhibition, one of Hollywood history’s most significant costume designers. There were incredible illustrations on display as well as costumes worn by actors like Shirley Temple, Jane Russell and Fred Astaire. The students got to watch Angie at work, and she gave them some drawing tips before they jumped in and showed off drawing skills of their own. Angie was impressed with the talents of our wonderful students, as was Mrs Heaslip! Well done girls!


Kool Skools

This week we received our copies of the Loddon Shire CD.

This album was recorded at Studio 52, Collingwood last term and features our Year 12 band ‘Comfort Zone’ (Tom B, Cyan N and Nick K).


Grab your copy from Jenny or Sue in the office for $5.


All proceeds will go towards ensuring that we can be part of the project next year with a new group of budding of musicians.


Year 9/10 Multicultural Food

Multicultural Food students were fortunate to have Veronika and Simone show them how to make spätzle (German egg noodles) at the end of term one.

Our German visitors made the spätzle dough using flour, eggs and water. They then demonstrated the use of the spätzle brett to form little noodles which cooked in boiling water. The noodles were then placed in a baking dish, with layers of cheese between the spätzle. This was baked in the oven to melt the cheese and then served with caramelised onion. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spätzle and working with Veronika and Simone in class.

Zonta Sholarship

Congratulations Sarah Maher! We would like to wish Sarah Maher a huge congratulations! This week she has been accepted into the 2017 Melbourne Theatre Company ‘Youth Ambassadors’ program. This will see Sarah participating in a range of workshops, attending performances and increasing her knowledge of the theatre industry. Well done on following your dreams and having the initiative and drive to make it happen! Whilst we’re talking about Sarah, she also attended the International Women’s Day dinner with Zonta International to formally accept her study scholarship for her VCE studies (see photo above).

Well done Sarah on your achievements!


Year 9 Humanities

yr-9-hum-1 yr-9-hum-2 yr-9-hum-3 yr-9-hum-4

The Year 9 students have been studying biomes (ecosystems) in Geography. In the past week students investigated the key features, threats and conservation efforts in biomes such as tropical rainforests, deserts, tundra and aquatic biomes (coral reefs, Atlantic ocean and river wetlands). Some groups created dioramas and terrariums to use as visual aids to their oral presentations.


Don’t they look fantastic?


Year 9/10 Multi Cultural Cooking

fy multi 1 fy multi 2 fy multi 3 fy multi 4 fy multi 5

Multicultural Foods students tried making their own pasta today. We had some excellent results with students making lasagne sheets, fettucine and fine spaghetti noodles. We were limited by the idiosyncrasies of our pasta machines, some of which were quite temperamental. Students are taking home the fresh pasta to cook for their families.