Middle Years Beautification Project

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Our year 7 and 8 students worked with Mr Kidman today to start their Middle Years Beautification Project. Colourful paint, along with black-board paint was applied to 2 of the 4 middle years rooms by the students themselves. Money for this project was sourced by Mr Kidman from the Parents Association, and the final product will be 4 rooms of which the students are extremely proud of.

Great work Middle Years!

Thanks Mr Hocking!

20151015_133424 20151015_134008

I wish to thank Mr Adrian Hocking who not only assisted with ‘re-sanding’ the long-jump pits for our upcoming sports day and removing two of our vegetable beds, but also provided a great deal of entertainment (with his tractor)¬†for students at lunchtime today. We really appreciate the assistance of the many parents and community members that volunteer their time to the college, and particularly wish to thank Adrian for his time and efforts today!

College Working Bee

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Today we had our Term 3 working bee, with almost 30 college community members turning up to assist in a variety of odd jobs. The photo’s above show some of the tasks that were completed. A huge thankyou is extended to all who gave up some time today for the betterment of our great college. Thankyou all!