Year 12 Shenanigans

20151023_085250 20151023_085251 20151023_085253 20151023_085259

Mr Wilkinson and I were deep in conversation when the year 12 girls sprung from nowhere and attacked him with silly string. As you can see, Chelsea was the ring-leader and poor old Mr Wilkinson had little he could do to halt the attack. Look out over the course of the next couple of weeks Chelsea, Mr Wilkinson may strike back when you least expect it!

Year 12 Boys

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Many of our students were ‘entertained’ by the year 12 boys, who decided to set up a slip-n-slide on the central lawn yesterday. After a few turns and a bit of friendly banter, the year 12’s had a morning tea and headed into Bendigo for trampolining and pizza.

The Great Balloon Prank

20151023_083317 20151023_083825 20151023_084123 20151023_084124

Our year 12 girls pranked Miss Byrne yesterday when they lured her away from her office in order to fill the entire room with balloons. Miss Byrne had to pop all of the balloons until she found the one that contained a gift for her. Little did the girls know that Miss Byrne is not a huge fan of popping balloons. Well played girls!