Year 3/4 Digital Technologies

We have been having a wow of a time in our Grade 3/4 Digital Technologies classes. Students have been code breaking using binary and created a bracelet to represent the first letter of their name.

Some students have amazed me by memorising some of the representations, saying ‘on, off, off, on…’ etc. How amazing is that?!

Next up, we are learning about what the digital world is and how to be a good digital citizen.

Year 3/4 Digital Technologies

In our Digital Technologies class this week (in 14th March), students learned about what kind of information computers can understand.  Students were able to explain the on/off nature of the information using torch light. We later decoded a message using a representation of binary, before making a bracelet with the first letter of our name I binary. Stay tuned for our final piece – a beaded bracelet


Year 3/4 Study Australian State Floral Emblems

Do you recognise any of these Australian state floral emblems? the Year 3/4 Humanities class have been leraning about the different floral emblems of each state and territory. To show what we learned and test others, we made models of the flowers.  They look fantastic!

This week we will continue to challenge students by learning about what kinds of plants grow in particular climates.

Year 4 reading and writing

yr-4-1 yr-4-2 yr-4-3

Over the last two weeks, the Year 4s have been reading, writing and following procedures to learn about procedural texts. Today, we followed a procedure to see what happens when oil is added to water. We discovered that the oil sits on the top of the water and that “oil and water don’t mix”! We then discussed the effects an oil spill can have on the environment. 

Next, we all followed Casey’s detailed procedure and made our own chatterboxes! We learnt that we have to use our words carefully so that people know what exactly to do. It was tricky but fun.


Year 3/4 Integrated Studies

Package it Better 2016

The Grade 3-4 students learned about packaging during Term Two. In groups, they had to design a package which was waterproof, able to be posted, able to protect a fragile gift and environmentally responsible. This involved a lot of experiments (and some taste-testing of our ‘fragile gift’- biscuits!) My favourite part was seeing students apply important new vocabulary such as ‘hypothesis’ and ‘impact.’  Students really enjoyed themselves in this topic.


Year 3/4 Class

Year 4

Over the past few weeks, the P-4s have been learning about Water Safety as part of our Swimming Program. The Year 3/4s worked in pairs to create Water Safety posters, which included a scenario about children not being safe around water, and then the water safety rules they should have followed. We have learnt lots of ways to be safe around water, such as ‘always check the depth’ and ‘always swim with an adult’! – Sarah Windridge